How do we do that?

Our lollipops and sugar figurines are magic products. Their unforgettable tastes and aromas evoke memories of our sweet childhood, home and family, calmness and safety.

All our products are hand made and produced according to secret traditional confectioner’s recipes.

Each lollipop we made is unique like all of us, and thanks to this each lollipop is one of its kind and inimitable. We can made any lollipop from 30 to 7000 grams prepared with any taste required. That’s why Nordpols lollipops find their way to customers in many countries around the world, such as USA, Western Europe, Czech Republic and Finland.

Polish customers appreciate the most the commercial use of our lollipops in form of advertisement product, with specific shape and color pattern, with company logo, web page or slogan. This kind of lollipop is something more than only a gadget, this is a present engraved in ones memory in accordance with a verified rule – via roof of the mouth to the heart.

We wish you many successes and invite you to cooperation!

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